home-smConsumers engage with brands everyday.

Todays’ engagement though largely consists of a typed
keywords into a search box.

We make this process easier.

 By enabling consumers to either speak the name of their brand, take a photo of a product on a shelf or sampling a bit of music.. We provide a custom link back to more information about the product they are seeking to engage with.

So, reach a consumer standing in the aisle of a grocery store trying to make a purchase decision.

Engage them with product information

Inform them of pricing specials

And creative uses for your products..

Your brand will become a reference point. A gateway and staple for ideas, parties and events.

You are not selling a bag of chips or a can of beer. You are part of their family, part of their sons birthday party and part of their life.

We can help you with that by providing an easy way to open the gate.